The Sendokai Group practices Yoshinkan Aikido, as taught by the founder Soke Gozo Shioda.

The Sendokai Group is under the guidance of Sensei Terry Harrison (Chief Instructor and founder) along with competent Instructors and students who continue practising the ‘Hard Style’ of Yoshinkan Aikido.

Alongside the original hard style basics, we are now undertaking the ‘Softer Style’ also; with the subtle techniques and inherent movements. But to understand the ‘soft style’, it does encompass years of hard training and focus through the set basic movements.

This is to develop techniques that require very little effort, with timing, good balance, strong movements and when applied shall be quite devastating.

You shall learn to utilise your opponents attacking force against them and through your basic training render them harmless or in a controlled state.

Tenacity and Spirit’

Not only will you be learning a practical martial art, you will be developing your mind and body. Also; you will have an understanding of self defence applications that are a part of your training, which is very useful in today’s society.

The continued progression of the group is by inviting high ranking Sensei from Japan each year, imparting their knowledge and guidance for all our groups Aikido development. The dissemination of this information is vital to our development and growth as a group, as we believe that continued learning (with all these new subtleties and technical advancements) is vital to our Aikido and that knowledge is self perpetuating.

‘Strive for the Ultimate’

Our group practices with all other styles of Aikido also, as we have always done this and will maintain the connections, camaraderie with these groups and also with other martial arts that we have practised with and know.

If you are seriosly interested in coming along and joining us, please read the information on our website, then come along for a discussion with one of our Instructors and give it a try.

We are a non profit making group and our Instructors do not receive payment for their teaching.

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